Transparent insurance with a dash of delight

Mobile and desktop mockups of insurance ecommerce website


Osiguranik is an insurance marketplace in Serbia. Users can compare policies by different providers and buy the best one for them.

The client's goal was to reposition their brand and increase conversion and retention rates among young, educated travellers. They did that by overhauling their website and visual identity.

My role

In a team of three at Alpha Design Studio, I moved between the details and the big picture: from visual identity to information architecture, from illustration to interaction design, and from UX writing to QA.

Product lead (Milovan Jovičić) was responsible for strategy and client communication, while a senior designer (Andrija Jonić) created initial concepts that informed my wok.

Who is it for?

In a market where online shopping isn't widely adopted, the client decided to focus on early adopters: young people, highly educated, frequent travellers. The team aimed for a visual presence that resonates with this user group.

Preview of typography, color and illustrations

Aiming for a bold, playful, and clean feel

Screenshots of inspiration websites

Inspiration from other playful insurance brands (yes, they exist) helped bootstrap design ideas

Trust by transparency

With guidance from the product lead, I designed a new feature: a way to compare insurance policies. The old website offered a comparison of prices—we expanded it to features and benefits for added transparency and informed decisions.

Another effort to build trust was creating an About us page that presents the client's team and explains the purchase process in more detail.

About us page

Complex, not complicated

We also wanted to help people find what they need quickly. This included reorganizing navigation and including an FAQ page to provide support in times of doubt.

Information architecture diagram before and after changes

Navigation overhaul to help users find what they need faster

Clarity first

On the old website, if you wanted to see whether vehicle insurance covers e.g. motorcycles or boats, you'd need to start the purchase process and find out as you fill in the purchase form. On the new website, we wanted visitors to be able to understand the offering right away. Surfacing this information on product landing pages helps set proper expectations.

Travel insurance: transition from product page to the purchase flow

Patterns for consistency

I created a pattern library to help make the user experience consistent and developers' work more efficient. Here are a few snippets.

Design system section on colorsDesign system section on input fieldsDesign system section on images

Final design


Mobile mockups

Designing mobile-first helped the team focus on the most important content


Desktop mockup

Final screens

Click through these slideshows to see a sample of screens


Redesigning Osiguranik's website helped elevate the brand and support the company's transition to a new stage of business.

The new design was launched in 2020 - see it live here.

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