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Conceptual illustration of project management app


A startup client was working to improve their B2B app for project management in the specialty chemical industry. They reached out to my team to help them improve usability, redesign and scale the app.

Note: This work was confidential so I omitted sensitive information about the client and project.

My role

I worked in a team of three at Alpha Design Studio alongside the team lead (Milovan Jovicic) and senior designer (Andrija Jonic). We collaborated with the client’s executive, product, front-end and customer support teams. I was in charge of:


I was in charge of reviewing user onboarding sessions conducted by the customer support team and mapping reported usability issues.

The review showed how challenging it was for the CS team to gather valuable feedback. It turned out they had a double mission:

The team needed reliable data for informed design decisions, so I suggested working with the client to improve their research and customer support strategy.

Customer support guidelines

On behalf of my team, I shared findings from the onboarding review and presented customer support guidelines to the client's customer support, product and executive teams. The goal of these guidelines was to help the client make the next step towards a data-driven and user-focused design process. The idea was to highlight the benefits of research and help customer support agents gather better feedback until the client appoints a designated researcher.

Snippet of infographic on how to gather great user feedback

Snippet of the guidelines I presented. My team also provided the client with printed copies of the infographic for future reference.


I collaborated with my senior colleague and team lead to improve the app’s usability and introduce new features. My work on information architecture helped us understand how sections of the app interact and we worked on integrating them more effectively. My team iterated the design in week-long sprints, creating high-fidelity prototypes to encourage useful feedback from the client’s team.

Conceptual illustration of project management app

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My work helped raise client's awareness of the importance of research. The guidelines I presented initiated a team discussion about separating the customer support communication from research. My research findings brought critical usability issues into focus and helped us make more informed design decisions.

Lessons learned

I witnessed how a client’s high focus on product’s growth can can lead to insufficient insight about users. As a researcher, I learned the long-term value of asking questions that get to root causes of issues.

As a consultant, I saw how clients welcome advice that comes with appreciation for their hard work. I learned that progress comes when we help clients make the next step in the right direction.

My work was unfortunately ended by a misalignment of vision between my employer and the client. This experience taught me the importance of regularly checking in with clients to see if things are going according to expectations. I learned the importance of addressing problems early in the process and nurturing open conversation.

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