Create a timeline of your personal and professional highlights. Add color to your resume and portfolio.

Your journey in context

Resumes and portfolios might not fully capture the context, nuances, and windy paths that made us who we are today.

To tackle this challenge, UX researcher Raquel Félix created Journeyfolio in 2020.

Having a deep sense of myself and all the projects I did was an advantage [that] made me feel more confident and positive when looking for new challenges.

Raquel Félix

Version 2.0

Journeyfolio also helped me in the 2020 job search, highlighting the mix of skills and perspectives I bring to the table.

I found the original Google Slides template tricky to edit, so I recreated it in Figma, added a few things, and thought it might be useful to you too. Along with the original template, you'll find one with highlights across different fields—it might be useful if you've switched careers.

Click on the prototype to see a few examples.

Make it your own

Get the Figma template and create your Journeyfolio

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Check out Raquel's personal Journeyfolio. And if you prefer to make yours in Google Slides too, get the template here.