When I turned 18, I designed my birthday party invitations. It was my first project where technology helped share my passion with people. My tools were as basic as—behold—Paint and a USB drive for the print shop. Yet the process fascinated me. Giving out the invitations was pure joy. Today, I feel the same excitement about my work. All the learning and exploring that drove me to become a designer came from that passion for making things that connect us.

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How I got started in UX design

I studied landscape architecture and urban studies to learn how we interact with our surroundings. Worked in graphic design and photography to understand how we communicate. Taught students, led a team and started a nonprofit to empower others to achieve goals.

Years of working in creative fields revealed my true passion: creating tools and environments for people to learn, connect and get things done. So when I heard of a field called experience design, a light bulb lit over my head. I found more than work; I discovered my calling.

A journey across cultures

I grew up in Serbia, in a small town on the Danube. After starting college in the capital, a hunger for learning took me on adventures across countries. I lived and studied in the US, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Spain. Along the way, I discovered the immense power of our shared human experience.

Yet, my biggest adventure has only begun. I moved to Finland at the turn of 2020. Facing the pandemic in a new country made my mission stronger than ever: bridge the distance between people by creating experiences that connect us.

Different hats, same focus: people

I worked in a freelance team, independently and at a boutique agency. My work has spanned the design process from discovery and research to UI design, coding and even QA. I collaborated with client teams from executives to customer support. As a result, I learned to think broadly, act fast, self-manage and multi-task.

I care about understanding the big picture of user needs and business goals. That's why I'd love to grow as a researcher and facilitator—working with users and aligning team perspectives is where I thrive. I also care deeply about craft, because that's where the big picture comes to life. Recently I've been focused on growing my UI and interaction design skills. Check out some of my explorations here.

My work

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