Hi, I'm Anja

Product designer focused on SaaS growth. Excited about making software that unblocks people's path to clarity, focus, and a peace of mind.

A journey of discovery

Why do we feel the urge to create? What makes us enjoy or dislike things others have created? And how do we stay inspired to create in a world packed with stuff?

Curios about these questions, I explored fields from landscape architecture and urbanism to photography, writing, and design. In each field, I was most excited about understanding how people think, feel, and behave. Searching for a way to explore these passions, five years ago I stepped into the world of user experience design.

SaaS growth and onboarding

Most of my focus and energy these days goes into understanding journeys, goals, and pain points of 1st-time SaaS users. I currently contract with Grafana Labs, collaborating with product managers and engineers to help users successfully trial and test Grafana Cloud. Learn more about my work on LinkedIn.

Across cultures and landscapes

Originally from a small town in Serbia, I lived in Arkansas (yep), Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Madrid. Just before the pandemic, I moved to Helsinki. 2020 was a strange time to be new in town, but the peaceful life in Finland has since been incredibly rewarding.

What I've been up to

Spring is here. I'm reading Range. Painting. Planting flowers on the balcony. Learning martial arts. Watching my nephew learn to crawl. Enjoying the sun. Binging on Downton Abbey and loving Maggie Smith.


Side projects & learning experiments

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Mockup of user onboarding

A new user’s guide to value

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Mobile mockup of baby app

Tracking baby’s health and growth

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Mobile and desktop mockups of insurance ecommerce website

Transparent insurance with a dash of delight

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